Trust Hart Construction Services Group for Fire Restoration

Fires can be devastating for your home or business. Unfortunately, they’re virtually impossible to avoid entirely. If a fire strikes your home, you need a skilled team to reclaim your property and help you get life back to normal. Here at Hart Construction Services Group, our team specializes in fire restoration and damage restoration. With us, you’ll find a general contractor you can trust, and the exact team you need to get the job done right.

Why Choose us for Fire Restoration?

When it comes to fire restoration, you have several options – so why choose to work with us? Here are a few of the primary things our customers love about us:

  • Rapid response. We know you can’t afford to wait for fire restoration services. Our Team will rersp[ond rapidly to repair requests and make our way to your property as quickly as possible.
  • Water damage restoration. Smoke damage isn’t the only thing you have to worry about in the wake of a fire – there’s also water damage. Our team will help repair this and get life back to normal. 
  • Skilled restoration. We want to restore as much of your property as possible, and we’ll work hard to save your home, personal belongings, and more. 


Hart Construction Services Group is Cedar Park, TX’s trusted fire restoration expert. Contact us to get on the schedule today: (254) 681-0648.

Customer service is impeccable and they are always on time. They always go above and beyond what I expect.

- David M.

I used him quite often. He is one of my my main guys. He is clean and he is on time and he works professionally.

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